An asteroid plunges towards the South Pacific. Your mission: to prevent the extinction of Australasian animals.
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A zoologist, you must outwit your opponents in a race to save the most creatures, if necessary by stealing their territory and animals!

Entire species depend on you, so you must be ruthless. Ask yourself: are you tough enough? Are you the kind of zoologist who is bound for victory, or destined to extinction? Only Komodo knows!   You can compete, or collaborate to win - the choice is yours.

Komodo is a family strategy game, it requires spatial, numerical, and tactical planning!

  50 Terrain tiles
  32 Animal cards
  32 Animal markers
  20 Wild cards
  Rule booklet

2-4 players   /      Age 8+      /     45-60 minutes

“This is an excellent family game. I played this game with kids and they just went bonkers over it”
Tom Vasel, Dice Tower review, Florida, USA

“I love it. Best game here.” – Judge at Mensa Mind Games 2013

Awards - 'New Game of the Year 2012' and 'Children's Choice 2012'
~ from the NZ Games Association.

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